Please refer to our Child Safety page for more information on the Child Safe Standards

Echuca College Child Safety
Echuca College Child Safety
Anti-Harassment & Anti-Bullying: Download
Child Protection Reporting Policy: Download
Child Safety Code of Conduct: Download
Child Safe Policy: Download
Distribution of Medication Policy: Download
Duty of Care Policy: Download
Engagement & Wellbeing Policy: Under Review
Evacuation Policy: Download
Excursion Policy: Download
Incursion Policy: Under Review
First Aid Policy: Download
Parent Complaint Procedure: Under Review
Parent Complaint Policy: Under Review
Privacy Policy: Under Review
Racism Policy: Under Review
Recruitment Policy: Under Review
Uniform Policy: Download
Visitors Policy: Under Review
Volunteers Policy: Under Review
Welfare Policy: Under Review
Yard Duty Policy: Download
ICT Policies & Resources  
ICT Acceptable Use Agreement: Download
ICT Guidelines: Download
Social Media Guidelines: Under Review
ICT Policy: Download
Mobile Phone Policy: Download
Laptop Borrowing Policy: Download
Cyber Safety Policy: Download
Closed Circuit Television Policy: Download
Statements & Resources  
Echuca College Collection Statement: Under Review
Echuca College Statement of Values: Under Review
Mandatory Reporting Flowchart: Download