Students attended the Jewish Holocaust Centre, where Sarah Saaroni shared her survival story. She spoke of what she endured as a 16 yr. old Jewish girl fleeing Nazi persecution in Germany. We were overwhelmed by her tenacity and the courage she showed. “I had to sing, I had to dance, I had to laugh, while I was crying on the inside … I committed the tremendous crime of being born Jewish.”

At the Shrine of Remembrance, we studied primary resources from World War II. We spoke about the importance of the eternal flame and the symbol it represented. We were reminded that we carry the power within us, to prevent such atrocities occurring again. We were extremely lucky, in that we were able to participate in small Remembrance ceremony, where we watched the light pass over the sacred stone. The experience was quite moving.  

“The eternal flame at the Shrine of Remembrance is a great reminder of the everlasting flame that burns in the heart of humanity. It should remind us to never give up, to keep moving forward for our fellow man”-   Tom

“Meeting and listening to the survival story of Sarah Saaroni was heartbreaking, admirable and it puts things into perspective. It was thoroughly enjoyable” Bonny

“A truly inspirational day, the Holocaust Museum really opened my eyes” –Sarah

“Hearing Sarah’s story was truly mesmerising” – Holly

“The story of how the Jewish people survived the Holocaust was truly inspirational” -Brodee