We celebrated Young Carers Week this week with a free BBQ and Icy Poles for all students to help raise awareness of the great work that many of our students do with very few people knowing. 

Did you know…
170,600 Australians under 18 are young carers
One-third to one-half live in the rural and remote areas of Australia
More than half (51 per cent) said it was difficult to make and keep friends , as a result of their caring responsibilities, with many saying they felt socially isolated
On average, young carers care for an average of 27 hours per week.

What does a young carer do?
Caring roles vary; no two carers are the same. Some people offer highly physical care (bathing, transporting) through to less physical care (cooking and cleaning, shopping for the family, paying bills and administering medication). Some carers also offer mental and emotional support (monitoring moods and providing company).