Group 2 were lucky enough to have the most attractive teachers with them for the day: Mrs Jones and Mr Bessell. We had an enjoyable trip to Melbourne, with only Jasmine Tindal (getting stuck between 2 chairs) and Clayton Thompson (school shirt on inside out) causing havoc. Upon our arrival in Melbourne the students explored the gardens while our awesome teachers sipped coffee and ate muffins. Our morning workshop at the Digital Learning Hub was fantastic – hands on and engaging. We were lucky enough to compose our own music, with our tastes ranging from heavy metal to techno to Spanish. After this we lunched in Federation Square before setting off on our Amazing Race style activity. There were some very competitive groups who were almost running around the city looking for their landmarks. Once all groups became tired they engaged in some ‘retail therapy’ but nobody enjoyed this as much as Mr Bessell, who returned with ANOTHER pair of shoes! We then returned to the bus for the long trip home. We had a few people fall asleep (we have photos to prove Mrs Jones fell asleep too!) before our refueling stop at Hungry Jacks, which energized many students for the trip home. Overall, it was a great day.