Year 7 students travelled to the Campaspe Downs Resort for our camp this year.  The camp is an important component of our transition program and enables students to build relationships with staff and other students.  We enjoyed lunch at Hanging Rock, students climbed the rock and enjoyed the view whilst taking notes on the environment and the impact of humans. The camp included a number of team building activities and many new friendships were made as a result.  Students participated in raft building, canoeing, initiative activities, a ropes course, yabbying, archery and were able to experience the giant flying fox.  Many talented students participated in the Echuca College Idol night with lots of great performances that ranged from singing and dancing to a very funny comedy act.  Students also enjoyed the disco on the following night, a highlight was the making of many new dance moves.

“I made so many cool friends and had a fantastic time.  I also made some new dance moves.  The atmosphere of the camp was thrilling.  Nothing could have prepared me for the unexpected colour and noise.  But you have to not just enjoy your time there, but to thrive on the experience.  Even though we were leaving the camp all of the great memories would come with us.”  Sam Mason

“I liked the initiatives course because you had to use your mind, body and strength.  We had to build our own rafts from pallets and drums.  We sank our raft and had to fish it out of the lake and get it back to the bank.” Austen McMahon

“My legs ache I can hear my breath rushing in and out of my lungs.  The eerie silence of it all scares me, the hot wind whistles through the trees and rocks. I quicken my pace, my heart rate jumps higher.  I hear a scream, immediately I think of the girls forever lost in Hanging Rock.  Before I knew it we are at the top, the view is indescribable.”  Annie Sampson.