The cooler weather has seen a few variations to the College uniform in recent days.  For example, track suit pants and hoodies are not part of the College’s uniform.  Wearing sports uniform to school will no longer be an option at the start of term 2, given that the stadium will be open.  Students MUST COME TO SCHOOL in uniform with a change for sport/PE.

Items of clothing that make up our uniform have been very clearly defined in our uniform policy since the establishment of Echuca College.  A uniform list is available from the general office and those students who come to school out of uniform will be placed in uniform or parents contacted to collect student from school.  Where families need assistance in acquiring school uniform the College can help through a number of facilities, including access to second hand uniforms.  I would also encourage parents and students to label the various parts of their uniform; in particular jumpers and College tops.  Many of the items are very expensive and jumpers are the items most frequently left behind in the yard or in classrooms.  We have a great uniform and it should be worn proudly.