Our vision for Echuca College is –“Students at Echuca College are inspired and supported to achieve their best and develop the skills required to meet the challenges of an ever changing world in a caring learning environment.”

Our values are Progressive, Inclusive, Respect, Dedicated and Excellence.  The first letter of each of our values spells PRIDE.  The students defined each of the values and their definitions were;

Progressive – means that students and staff are always trying to better ourselves, we are striving to achieve, trying to make better future, we are always moving forward and we are caring.

Respect – We do not discriminate; we treat others the way we want to be treated. We listen and speak kindly to show we care about others. We respect people and the environment including our school grounds.  We listen when someone is speaking and demonstrate teamwork and good sportsmanship.  We not do tease, bully or judge others and we are not rude to others. Students and staff understand and appreciate others thoughts, opinions and values.  We give people privacy when they ask for it or need it and we empathise with others to understand how they feel. You must show respect to get respect.

Inclusive – means that everyone has a go in class, we accept everyone’s differences, we work together and listen to everyone’s point of view.  We accept diversity; we respect others and involve everyone.  We work together to achieve a goal and we help one another.  Echuca College is a place where we can step outside our comfort zones and have a go, it is a place where we all feel like we belong.

Dedicated – At Echuca College staff and student try until they achieve, we are committed to our personal goals and achieving our personal best.  We push ourselves and look for success.  We have passion and motivation to pursue our desires.  We look to the future and strive for the best possible outcome.  We learn from our mistakes and we never stop trying. Believe in yourselves and others around you.

Excellence – It is not just about grades it is about trying your best, doing better than you have before, about being your best.  It is helping others to achieve their best and feeling proud about your achievements.  Excellence is having a go, practicing, working hard, improving each day and trying your best.  It is about setting new standards, being positive, progressive, respectful, inclusive and dedicated.