Excitement is building as the Vietnam – Community Building Project trip gets near.   Students will be travelling to Vietnam as an alternative to schoolies in November this year.

Students have been fundraising to support community building projects they will participate in whilst in Vietnam. They will arrive in Hanoi, tour this city and also enjoy Halong Bay, the team will travel to Co Tu Village via Da Nang where they will begin the building project. The project will involve building toilets for the family homes in the community. They will travel to Zo Ra village to learn traditional weaving and handicraft skills from the local women.

The students will travel to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) where they will visit historic city landmarks and have a guided tours through the famous tunnels used by communist guerrillas during the Vietnam War. The trip will end with a tour along the Mekong Delta and experience some local cottage industries utilising the ubiquitous coconuts.

This will be an amazing adventure for our team and we look forward to many stories that will impact on the lives of these students for a long time to come.