The Victorian Young Leaders to China Program gives students, teachers and school leaders the opportunity to be part of a life-changing international education experience and to be Asia-Ready. An initiative of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, the China Program will give students the global knowledge and skills to develop intercultural understanding and the capabilities for modern ways of living thinking and working.

As part of  Victoria as a Learning Community and the vision to internationalise our education system, 1500 Victorian Year 9 students will travel to China over a five year period from 2014. Echuca College is very proud to announce that we will have six students participating in the program in 2014.  Luke Judd, Harriet Nilon, Kyle Melhuish, Stephanie Chong, Kiriana Eparaima and Calum Pearson will travel to China in term  as part of the Alpine Leadership School Program. Our students will spend four weeks in China at the Utahloy International School – ZengCheng.  Students will be immersed in Chinese culture and experience school life in China. 

At its core, the Victorian Young Leaders to China Program is about students developing capabilities for modern ways of living, thinking and working. Students taking part in the program will benefit from a rich learning program that will improve their Mandarin language proficiency and develop leadership skills, global knowledge and intercultural understanding. These core skills will help students to live and work in a globalised world.