During 2015 all Year 10 students will participate in the VETis Public Safety Course for one semester. This Course offers many opportunities for students and is an exciting inclusion into the Year 10 curriculum. The Public Safety course will be focussing on Firefighting Operations, students completed their first practical component this term.

Participants achieving this qualification will develop skills and knowledge in;
• How to operate independently, adapting and transferring skills and knowledge to new environments and applying effective response tactics to specific emergencies
• Work effectively in a team and as an individual
• Participate in a wide range of rescue operations providing emergency care.

All Year 10 students participating in VET Public Safety have two important assessment days they must attend, these are the 22nd of May and the 9th of June, attendance at these days is compulsory in order to achieve a successful completion of the certificate.  All other Year 10 students will be participating in VET Public Safety next semester.