A very balmy autumn day and the boys from both Year 7 and 8 were quite excited about the day of football(soccer) which lay ahead and rightly so, we had already missed the previous week due to dodgy weather. The lads were divvied into their teams at the start of the day with the Year 8s to be skippered by Rory and Luka Van De Zand with Todd Langbourne in support.

Despite the best efforts of the boys, we finished runners-up to St. Augs with whom we had a draw in the final match of the day. If only we didn’t give St. Marys a handicap start in the first match, things would have been so different.

There were many moments on the highlight reel with some attempted slide tackles from Col Pearse, who put in a great shift at the back, whilst Matt South’s brace of goals against arch rival St. Jo’s was well timed. The lads really improved as the day progressed and some of the ‘falls’ were worthy of our Olympic divers but just like a familiar song “they got knocked down but they got up again”.

In the year 8 team, commendable efforts came from Todd, Luka, Zander and Bailey whose tireless running was testament to their dedication to the team cause, but the standout effort was undoubtedly goalkeeper Rory Van De Zand who was supercharged in organizing the defence of our goalmouth and beyond, timing his interceptions to perfection.

Congratulations to all the boys for their effort, co-operation and positive attitude across the day.

MVP Year 8 = Rory Van De Zand

Year 7 Boys.

The boys were keen as beans to start the day, led by the courageous Will Graham they played three matches. The Year 7’s played a very defensive first match against Saint Marys, but came up short at 0-2, Blake and Jayden were a huge help in their ability to clear the ball out of dangerous areas.

The second match was the most exciting. Despite being down two goals to Saint Joseph’s in the first ten minutes, Max Childs and Ryan Smith managed to even up the scores in rapid succession. But alas, St joseph’s fought back and managed to finish with a 2-6 lead. The efforts of the Freddy as a midfielder and Ethan the striker was to be admired.

The final match against Kyabram was tied with the scores 2-2 with Will scoring one and Blake forcing an error on the goalie leading to an own goal. The boys gave their all and their skills were very impressive but without a doubt the best on field goes to Max Childs with his tireless running and setting up of goals, plus extra points for his headband.

MVP Year 7 = Max Childs


Year 8 Girls

With a full team of 16 lead by Kasey Conder we sized up the opposition. The first game was against St Mary’s with a quick goal from Lily Hindson we took the lead early in the first half. Half time after a change of players from the bench Lily Hindson scored again, the girls building momentum to maintain the ball in their half for the majority of the second half. Final score 2-0.

Game two the girls toughest for the day against St Aug’s Kasey Conder in goals and Erin Moss in charge of defence. No goals got through and again 2-0 was the score.

Final game for the day the girls knew they needed to win or draw to go through to the next competition in July. With Kallahrney Turner in goals, the girls found their confidence against Kyabram P-12. Goal kickers for the game Kasey Conder, Megan Portwine, Bree Styles (2) and Lily Hindson. Final score 5-0.

MVP Year 8 girls: Lily Hindson