It was a 48 km handicap race near Koyuga starting from the hall I was 2nd of limit and when we started into a head wind I realized it was going to be a hard race.  I was in a group of five to begin with and by the end of the first lap we had dropped two other riders mainly because we were averaging about 35-40 kph and one of the riders go a puncture leaving three of us to fight it out for the finish if we could catch the limit riders with a lot of hard work and determination we caught them half way through the second lap I was so happy but whilst being happy I was determined to get on the podium (top 3).  

During the race we did 3 laps of a big L shape at the home straight we were believed to have one minute on our closest bunch. So with this in mind I tried to attack which I thought was working well until just before the line when I was passed and a respectable 2nd I came back to the Koyuga hall and struggled to stand because I had left all my energy out on the road, so I had what was left of my energy gel and got ready for presentations.      

Getting up at 6am in the morning to go out in cold dark group training rides paid off.

Written By: Kade Faulkner