Students were recognised at a recent assembly for their outstanding contribution to the Echuca College community during Semester one. The students who had received the highest number of achievements in their house were presented with a certificate and a movie ticket to the Echuca Paramount Theatre. 

Students earn achievement points by participating in extra-curricular activities and displaying our school values.  Our school values are; Progressive, Respect, Inclusive, Dedication and Excellence and are consistently displayed by our students and staff around the school.  When students go above and beyond to demonstrate these values staff award the students achievements and these points add together and contribute to the overall house points.

The students who received the most points for each house are listed below;





Derek Southern

Hollie Davidson

Zali McKee

Sarah Kaddissi

Brooke South

Dana Lluz

Tom Harris

Joni Grundy

Lachlan Arkinstall

Ryan More

Cooper Arkinstall

Austin Linahan



Taylah Cochrane

Aaron Loader

Mitchell Lake

Jacob Baldock

James Whitehead

Luke Judd

Maegan Johnson

Annastasia Gadsden  

Hannah Ayres

Rhys Watson