The Student Representative Council have written to School Council to request a trial of the Sports Uniform.  They have requested that students be allowed to wear their sports uniform all day on days they have practical physical education classes.  This would assist students as they would not have to get changed or bring a change of clothes or shoes.

School Council have agreed to a one month trial starting on the 1st of June.  Students may wear full sports uniform, the purple polo shirt and plain black shorts or track suit pants with sneakers for the whole day on days when they have practical physical education classes.   It is important that the shorts are of appropriate length (mid-thigh) and not too short.  Football knicks, running shorts, skins or any type of running tights are not permitted.

Should the trial be successful and all students follow the dress code, School Council will then have a discussion about whether it becomes a permanent rule.  Notes will be sent home with students this week for students not complying with the dress code.  Congratulations to the Student Representative Council for the way they have approached this issue.