Our sport scholarship students travelled to Rochester on Tuesday 16th June to listen to Stacia Joseph speak about her journey to becoming a professional hockey player and representing Australia at the highest level. Stacia won a silver medal at the champion’s trophy tournament after losing a penalty shoot-out in the final. Stacia talked to the students about being resilient and that the path to reach your goals will not always be straight forward. In her experience she found that it was not the super talented juniors that made it to the top level but those who were willing to do what others wouldn’t and do the extra work required to stand out. Stacia also pointed out it is crucial for your goals to be about what you can control and that when you turn up to play in competition you can have already succeeded before you walk out on the field knowing you have done everything possible to be prepared for the event. The sport scholarship students came away very motivated and ready to as Stacia put it, “love the grind!”.