Six of our Year 9 students, Corey Pearce, Josh Berg, Kyle Saunders, Tyler Cox, Madison Elliot and Jessie Tall have attended the School for Student Leadership at Gnurad Gnurad for Term 1.  Students have been required to attend classes to push them out of their comfort zones. Activities have involved some team work and problem solving, lots of thinking with Peers Skills, Thinking and Learning, a hike up Mt Noorat and Introduction to bikes.

Students have been busy and have finished their first expo, they all survived and had a great time, carrying a pack was difficult for a few of them but they handled it like absolute champions! They have also decided on their Community Learning Projects, although still trying to confirm some finer detail but are working great as a team and all contributing evenly which is great to see.

Students have had to create an activity to teach to the Year 4 students of Terang college for the day. The camp does involve lots of fun activities and students have enjoyed going to Warrnambool for a day of surfing and bike riding.

We look forward to our students joining us back at Echuca College for Term 2 and I am sure their families are very keen to get them home.