Our Year 11 students nominating for School Captain presented their speeches to the Years 10 and 11 cohorts and their teachers.  All the students represented themselves and their fellow students exceptionally well. The speeches, like the candidates were diverse, well-crafted and engaging.   All the candidates are to be congratulated on their wonderful presentations and should be very proud of themselves.   I would like to share some quotes from the engaging speeches today;

“I know that being a leader isn’t just about bossing people around; it’s about guiding and helping people to reach their goals and stepping up as a young adult to become a great representative for Echuca College.” Tiffany Chong.

 “If I was chosen as one of the Echuca College school captains, I would be sure to represent the school in a positive manner, and do it whilst remaining formal and easy to communicate with.  My knowledge of teamwork and experience of leading would aid in portraying Echuca College as a safe and supportive school to study at.” Corey McGrath.

 “So what sets me apart from the other leaders? When I encounter an obstacle I turn around to my peers and group them together so we can overcome the obstacle together.” Daniel Gretgrix.

Erik Holt-Crossman spoke about his journey on the Kokoda Trek, “The hardship that those soldiers went though is unimaginable, but if I were to sum up their efforts in 4 words they would be mateship, endurance, courage and sacrifice. Skills that I learnt on the trek are skills I will keep for the rest of my life.”

“Echuca College needs somebody who can show the Echuca Moama community that Echuca College is a fantastic school that is proving time and time again that we are a school of creative, intelligent, bright people.” Georgia Harris.

 “I believe a school captain needs to be good at communicating, confident, cooperative, encouraging, inclusive, a good role model and responsible because you need to encourage and work with your peers, communicate with school council and represent Echuca College in a positive manner.” Marley Jones.

 “You have all helped me achieve so much, but now I would like to show each of you what I can truly do, how far I can step out of my comfort zone, how far I can diverse my strength and how far I can stretch my leadership towards others, and help support Echuca College.” Isaac Duffy

 “A good leader is someone who makes decisions, takes action and understands that to achieve success you have to be willing to see your goals through to the end, a good leader is what I aspire to be.” Amy Wright.

 “Over my time at Echuca College, I’ve seen past captains come and go and one thing I realised is that not only were they all great leaders of the school but just genuine people who all had one common goal in their last year to represent and not only lead but serve the school as one.  I’m running for school captain today, not only because I feel I could change the school but more so continue to help the school grow and flourish within itself and the community and uphold our motto diversity our strength.” Hannah Sinclair.