A sense of connectedness to families and schools is the most significant protective factor for young people”.

(Resnick et al. Protecting Adolescents From Harm 1997)

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) has partnered with headspace, the National Youth Mental Health Foundation to develop SAFEMinds: Schools And Families Enhancing Minds, a comprehensive learning and resource package that will enhance the capacity of school communities to effectively identify children and young people with early signs of mental health issues, offer school-based interventions and refer appropriately when needed. Echuca College has nominated to be a part of the SAFEMinds Program to support our students and families.

Schools play a critical role in the social and emotional learning of children and young people. SAFEMinds is an important resource for teachers as they are in the unique position of interacting with students daily, can build rapport and offer support, help with successful learning and development, and connect students and families to community services and resources when needed.

The relationship between children or young people and their family has a significant impact on their mental health. SAFEMinds can help parents and carers understand their role in supporting their child’s mental health and wellbeing; and connect them with their school and local community resources when needed.

Information will be on the Echuca College Website as it becomes available. If you have any questions please contact the College.