On the Monday the 16th the year 11 Outdoor Environmental class travelled to Rubicon, accompanied by their teacher Miss Dannatt and Mitch, a massive thanks to Miss Dannatt for organising the camp and of course a massive thanks to Mitch for taking a step away from his computer for the week.

During the week we were located at Rubicon Education Outdoor, a wonderful site with 4 dorms all holding around 14-18 people, a commercial kitchen, lounge with pool table, foosball, table tennis and a projector, footy oval with cricket pitch, basketball court,  volleyball court, rock climbing wall, and two classrooms used for teaching.

Throughout the week we participated in a range of activities which tested us both mentally and physically, starting with mountain bike riding not far from where we stayed through tracks in the forest. Day two had a great day install for us, no wind and barely any clouds allowed for a great day rock climbing at Mount Sugarloaf. Day three started off freezing but as the day went on it started to get warmer which is lucky because we were rafting down the Goulbourn River which is filled with freezing water. Filled with laughs of people falling in and Nick losing his beanie probably made this the most enjoyable day for some but not so much Nick as he would of most likely of made a stop at target on the way back for a new beanie.

Day four we had an hour drive followed by a four hour hike to a camp site where we camped for the night. Carbonara was on the menu for dinner on the Thursday where we cooked on trangias. Friday had come around and it had only felt like we spent a couple days there, we had an early wakening at 6am followed by our hike back to the bus where we then headed back to camp. We did our final packing up and then headed home back to Echuca where we arrived at 5:30pm.

Although this sounded like an amazing week which it was there was still an educational factor to the camp where each night we would have one of the teachers talk about a different heading for outdoor environment then to be followed by us filling out a booklet and writing about the day.

Also a massive thanks to Mark, Nick and all the crew at Rubicon for an amazing week.