During terms 2, 3, and 4, students from Respectful Relationships ‘lead’ schools were invited to participate in a student-lead creative project about what Respectful Relationships means to them. This project is being led by Lena Mitchell, a music teaching artist, song writer, and creative community project facilitator. Initially, students were invited to participate in a writing, and/or drawing competition.  Many Year 9 students were involved in this and used the themes of inclusiveness, appreciation, acts of kindness and recounting how a situation could have been better handled. Thanks must go to teachers Ms Case and Ms Bird for their facilitation of this.

Some very enthusiastic and talented Year 8 and 9 music students have been spending their lunch hours writing the music and words to express their take on Respectful relationships. Lena Mitchell attended one of their workshops and was very impressed by their talent and positive vibe in the song. The students hope to be recording and putting out a video during term 4. Thanks to Ms Rix and Mr Jones for their support of the students.