On Tuesday May 19, Year 11 Psychology students went to 208 Primary School to participate in some learning activities with Grade 1 students.The students teamed up with the Grade 1’s and conducted some activities that determined how the mind works in young children.

The grade 1 students were divided into groups and were able to estimate which glass had more green water (Alien power juice) in it. The Year 11 students could not trick the grade one’s!!!

Once the students heard “Macaroni Cheese” from their teachers, the grade one students quickly responded with “everybody freeze”, the groups quietly moved to the next learning station. Play dough was very popular and ‘Jeff’ the bear was loved by all.

Thank you grade one for making us feel so welcome, year 11 students had a fantastic time and look forward to visiting you all again.

It was a fantastic experience for both these young and older students to interact together and form a community partnership between Echuca College and Echuca Primary School.