Last week was the launch of the College’s first production, MacBeth.Com.    I would like to congratulate Terry Muller, Barry Jones and their team on what is an excellent production.  The use of multimedia showcases what our College has to offer and the performances, acting singing and dancing were top quality. The back stage and technical teams also put in top quality performances and it is a shame the audience can’t see the work that goes on in these areas.  Well done to all those students involved. This experience is providing our students with some excellent skills for the future and we hope to see these skills used in future careers.  The audience was clearly engaged by the variety of media used and the mixture of ‘styles’ used in the delivery of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.  The ‘programme’ produced for the ‘play’ was created by Emma Favaloro; that in itself is worth a read.    

 Echuca College is proud to present Macbeth .com as our first theatre production since the establishment of the College in 2006.

The news of a ‘production’ spread fast around the College and students with ambitions to perform on the big screen and on stage have flocked to the concept and now reality of a College production. The staging of a College production has also provided an opportunity for a range of other talents to be explored by our students. is a blend of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy with contemporary interpretations which heavily employs modern technologies.

While character roles in the production are much sort after, many students are involved in music and sound production, costume development, video and multimedia support.  The production presents the original story and complements it with film, live and recorded music traditional hip hop dance and computer graphics.

There are many unique and surprising elements to this production.  It will leave its audience stunned and full of questions, realizing the potential of live theatre to both entertain and challenge the mind.

Work on the production started late last year with Mr Muller and his team rallying the troops and planning the calendar of rehearsals for 2014.