A range of different student and parent meetings will be conducted at the College over the next month. Our first Parent Forum/Welcome BBQ for Year 7 students will be held next Wednesday at 6.30pm outside the Year 7 Neighbourhood. Parent Forums for VCE students will be held on 2nd March, Years 9 and 10 on the 3rd March and Year 8 on the 4th March. All the Forums will start at 7pm and be held in Café Learning. The focus of the Forums is to provide parents with an opportunity to visit the College, ask questions about their student’s education and a chance for the College to seek feedback from parents on a number of issues. We are looking forward to meeting as many families as possible.

On Thursday the 12th March the College will hold our Student Induction Assembly for all staff, students, parents and special guests. The ceremony is significant because it allows the College to come together as one and it also recognises the importance of the positions accepted by our students such as College Captains, Student Council Reps, House and Beacon Leaders. While the year is only just underway, an event like this also provides us with an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our students to date and to acknowledge, as a College, the talents of our student. The ceremony will commence at 9.10 am in the Stadium. All parents and friends are welcome to attend.