Excitement is mounting for the One and All Inclusion Project Deb Ball to be held on Friday the 17th of October at 6:30pm at the Echuca Paramount.  

The group has gotten to know each other over the many trainings and are really looking forward to the presentation on Friday Night.  The community support has been outstanding with donations of dresses and other items.  

On Friday the 2014 Deb Group will be enjoying lunch together at Konosirs @ Madison Spa. A huge thank you to Madison Spa Resort who will be pampering all of our ladies after lunch. Madison Spa will be making up all of this years girls and the ninjas. What a beautiful way for new friends to spend the afternoon and what a great finish to what has been a truly amazing journey. 

This is one of beautiful couples being presented on Friday night – Introducing the beautiful Allanah Hourigan and Jesse Anderson.
Allanah is a student leader at Echuca Specialist School. Allanah likes to draw, listen to music and play basketball. In 5 years times Allanah would like to be a billionaire.
Allanah has enjoyed being a part of the 2014 debutante group and feels that this journey has helped bring her confidence back. She thinks it is great that Jesse always has a smile on his face at training.
This Friday, Allanah is looking forward to dressing up like a princess when she makes her debut in the 2014 One & All Debutante Ball.
Jesse attends Echuca College and likes the Motor cross – he is still undecided about where he wants to be in 5 years time.  Jesse is looking forward to seeing the smiles on everyones faces on Friday at the One & All Deb ball and thinks that Allanah is a really great dancer.
The One & All Debutante Ball is this Friday 17th October – 6:30pm at the Echuca Paramount Theatre. We are looking forward to seeing Allanah & Jesse be presented to the community and welcome you to come along.

Madison Spa Resort