Kayla Arkinstall has been selected to attend the National Youth Science Forum in Perth in January 2014.  Students must apply and go through an interview process to gain selection.  At the forum students learn how to make informed decisions about courses and careers in the sciences and gain a professional skill set to help them realise their potential.

One of the most important elements of the January Forum is the program of half-day visits to research and industry facilities. Students go on a range of visits depending on their stated areas of scientific interest. The range covers physics, maths and computing, chemistry, biomedicine, animal and plant biology, earth and environmental sciences, and engineering. The aim is to inform, inspire, and challenge students to consider what working in different fields is really like. They have a unique opportunity to talk to dozens of practicing scientists and engineers at and about their work.

Kayla is really excited about the forum and believes it will be a great opportunity to learn about careers in the science field. Mr Steve Warren encouraged Kayla to apply and believes the program is an outstanding opportunity for students to participate in.