Our students and staff in the USA are having a great time exploring a different country and immersing themselves in every opportunity. They have already spent a couple of days at NASA, solving simulated problems, controlling simulated missions and experiencing microgravity. If you ever needed more proof of the outstanding calibre of the students at Echuca College, have a read of an email we received from a flight attendant who was on the flight from Melbourne to San Francisco with our group of travellers.

“This is just a quick note from one of the flight attendants off of flight 61 from Melbourne to San Francisco on Saturday morning. I was so impressed by your students. I felt the need to drop you a quick note. I’ve been a flight attendant for a long time. I really enjoyed the kids from your school. They were fun, respectful and had the best manners that I’ve seen in kids their age in a long long time. I hope they all have a really good trip in the United States. Please let the parents know their kids brought joy to us all on the flight. Good job parents, teachers and staff of Echuca College!!”

Well done to all students and staff for representing the college in such a positive way. We look forward to welcoming you back to our college community before we break up for the year.