Our Year 7 students were introduced to Smiling Minds today in home group. The Smiling Mind Education Program has been proven to help students with sleep, wellbeing, managing emotions, concentration and school behaviour including reductions in bullying. All students and staff at Echuca College have now been offered the program which also assists with:

stress management,

increased resilience,

increased creativity,

better decision making, and

a sense of calm, clarity and contentment.

Smiling Mind aims to build happier, healthier and more compassionate people.  The mindfulness meditation programs are designed to assist people in dealing with the pressure, stress and challenges of daily life.

Our Wellbeing focus for term one is Mindfulness and being aware of the impact our actions and words can have on others. The activities in home groups also support students to improve the way they self-regulate and respond/react to situations.

The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.