A very balmy autumn day and the boys from both Year 7 and 8 were quite excited about the day of football(soccer) which lay ahead and rightly so, we had been training for quite a few weeks. The lads were divvied into their teams at the start of the day with the Year 8’s to be skippered by Mason Jennings-Case whilst the Year 7’s were captained by Tom Whitehead. It must be stated that both these lads were admirable in their efforts to lead the team and showed why they have been playing  elite squad football in the National Premier League.

Despite the best efforts of the boys, our only victories on the day came from the Year7’s although both their draws saw shots hitting the bar and designing all sorts of ways to avoid the net. The year 8’s managed to earn a penalty, alas the radar of the designated kicker, Austi, was behaving like a dodgy drone!

There were many moments on the highlight reel with some attempted back heelers from Brenton looking like he had been playing the game his whole life and some of the ‘falls’ were worthy of our Olympic divers? Both teams were very committed to the College cause and this augers well for the future as  both the numbers and enthusiasm at year 7 were terrific.

In the year 8 team commendable efforts came from Brenton Hall, Gabe Gallimore, Austin Linahan, Mason Jennings-Case and Jordon Priestley but the standout on the day was Benny Dixon whose tireless running on the left wing was testament to his dedication to the team cause. There were many excellent contributors in the Year 7 squad but perhaps the most consistent of them were Luka Van De Zand, Zac Ross, Tommy Whitehead and keeper Rory Van De Zand, although overall, the standout effort was undoubtedly Todd Langborne who was supercharged in organizing many attacks whilst supporting the defence and even managed a cracking goal! Todd’s second and third efforts were exemplary.

Congratulations to all the boys for their effort, co-operation and positive attitude across the day.

MVP Year 8 = Ben Dixon

MVP Year 7 = Todd Langborne