Looking After Our Mates is an interactive one-hour free education session for year 12 students delivered in schools throughout Victoria. The session focuses on responsible consumption of alcohol and strategies to avoid drink driving. It is suitable for Year 12 students, but can be tailored to suit any business, organisation, sports club or youth group. It is delivered by a fully trained and accredited facilitator. The session explores a range of drink and drug driving road safety issues that are relevant to young people.

Looking After Our Mates builds on the F2D Year 11 Workshop and together with Keys Please helps to prepare young people to be safer road users. This is maximised when these sessions are supported by other road safety education activities in the classroom.

The program has recently been redeveloped by VicRoads in consultation with Victoria Police, the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), Australian Drug Foundation and RoadSafe Gippsland. For more information about the program please go to the website http://www.f2d.com.au .