The Echuca College Lock Down and Evacuation policies are available to view on our website.  Please read the exert from our policies in regards to parent response to an emergency. Please click on the following links to download the policies; Lock Down Policy and Evacuation Policy.

“On the very rare occasion a lockdown/evacuation is called, Echuca College will endeavour to carry out the policy as set. If lockdown/evacuation occurs, parents will be notified as soon as it is practical to do so.  However, parents are requested not to come to the school, as students will not be released to parents during lockdown. Parents are also asked not to call the school, as this may tie up emergency lines that must remain open. Parents should not expect their child to call them nor should they call student mobiles, as the Lock-down situation requires silence in order not to alert an intruder to the presence of students and staff in classrooms.”