Our swim team travelled to Swan Hill to compete in the LMR Swimming Carnival.  The team won 24 medals on the day and a number of students will be travelling to the State Finals. The State Finalists are; Luke Judd, Kyle Scott, Oscar Reid & Sam Shorland in the medley relay and in the freestyle relay.  Kyle Scott and Luke Judd will also attend the State Finals for their respective Butterfly events.


Lyndall Taylor 3rd F20 100m Breaststroke, 2nd F15 50m Breaststroke, 2nd F15 50m Freestyle

Archie Reid 4th M13 50m Breaststroke

Oscar Reid 3rd M15 50m Breaststroke, 2nd M15 50m Freestyle, 3rd M15 200m I.M

Kyle Scott 2nd M16 50m Breaststroke, 1st M16 50m Butterfly

Corey McGrath 5th M17 50m Breaststroke, 3rd M17 50m Freestyle, 4th M17 50m Backstroke

Luke Judd 1st M20 100m Butterfly,c2nd M15 50m Butterfly, 2nd M15 100m Freestyle

Jack Steel  3rd M13 50m Butterfly, 5th M13 50m Freestyle,, 3rd M13 50m Backstroke

Curtis Hayes 7th M14 50m Butterfly

Tessa Mellington 3rd F20 50m Butterfly, 3rd F20 50m Freestyle, 2nd F20 50m Backstroke

Sam Shorland 3rd M16 50m Freestyle, 3rd M16 50m Backstroke

Trent Campbell 7th M14 50m Backstroke

 M14 Medley Relay 4th  Trent Campbell, Jack Steel, Archie Reid & Curtis Hayes

M16 Freestyle Relay  1st Sam Shorland, Oscar Reid, Luke Judd & Kyle Scott

M16 Medley Relay 1st  Sam Shorland, Oscar Reid, Luke Judd & Kyle Scott

M13 Freestyle Relay 3rd James Whitehead, Jack Steel, Archie Reid & Cooper Arkinstall

M17 Freestyle Relay 2nd  Rhys Dawes, Jayden Thompson, Corey McGrath & Keegan Hutchins

F20 Freestyle Relay 2nd  Tessa Mellington, Greta Pearson, Isabella Reid & Mardi-Lee Hutchins

F20 Medley Relay 3rd Tessa Mellington, Greta Pearson, Isabella Reid & Mardi-Lee Hutchins