Another early start. When will Mr. Cheal organize a normal departure hour for these trips? Following a 2 hour journey we landed in Wangaratta curious as to what the day was to hold, as organized by the Law Institute of Victoria to benefit rural students who don’t get the advantages of those in Melbourne.

The first session was presented by the Juries Commissioner and was really quite interesting particularly as we knew it was to be our final topic for Unit 4. This was followed by a trip to the local court but, alas, the judge wouldn’t let us stay, as it was a case involving sexual violence. Nevertheless, the next part was fascinating, as Veronica Haccou(LLB) walked us through the case of Sukamaran and Chan who, you will remember, were killed by an Indonesian firing squad last year following drug offences. Veronica was assisting Julian McMahon in the presentation of the case for the two unfortunate men. Clearly corruption was probable in the Indonesian judiciary and political opportunism made the outcomes for the two condemned men tragically inevitable. Fascinating stuff!

Following a pretty decent free lunch(thanks to the LIV) we listened to some sound advice on how to prepare for our final exam then a session from the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria on dispute resolution, another important topic in Legal Studies.