Kiara Dean was selected to participate in the 13th ICTSF World DTL Championships. This year there were conducted at the ACTA National ground, Copland St, Wagga Wagga.  The event is open to all ICTSF affiliated Countries.

The World Titles are conducted every 2 years. 2016 the titles were held in Ireland, the 2020 titles will be held in England.  It has been 12 years since the World DTL Championships were held in Australia. The Worlds very Best are selected from each country to compete.

Kiara qualified 2nd in her Grade at the World Titles, after a 50 Target Qualifier the closest competitors were South Africa and Ireland, both are Champions from their own Countries and represented them beautifully. Kiara shot with amazing accuracy alongside them.

Kiara qualified equal 3rd in the Ladies Worlds, the top 10 percent qualified to shoot an additional 50 Targets.  This was such a fun, emotional and nervous 50 targets.  Kiara shot beside a very good friend of hers, the girls embraced directly after the last clay, and the sportsmanship was just beautiful to watch.

Kiara is now ranked Ladies 4th World Champion and A Grade World number 3.

This is the 1st Worlds Competition Kiara has travelled too, and as her Coach from the Academy said… “When will you have the opportunity ever again to compete in a World Title without having to buy a plane ticket?”

The Australian Academy of Sport Coaches attended the World Titles, and watched Kiara compete and have now offered her a place within the Academy.  The training is beyond exceptional and she is a very lucky young lady to have this opportunity. Several of the Athletes competing at the Commonwealth Games are students from the Australian Academy of Sport.