Wednesday 17th of February a group of earnest students met at Echuca Station at 7.00 am. They travelled to Melbourne University using public transport. They demonstrated their great citizenship by standing up for some older passengers and that put a proud smile on our faces. After arriving at Melbourne University students were given time to wander the campus, grab some food and explore the old buildings and the possibility of studying there in the future.

At 1pm we were greeted at the Chemistry Department by Mick Moylan an enthusiastic lecturer who introduced as  to a few of the careers their graduates were doing. Off to the lab to be decked out with the latest in science fashion wear – massive clear glasses and off white trench coats.

Students were split into 4 groups and met the PhD student that was helping them with their analysis. Steven, Emily, Kelly and Tim were investigating  how much caffeine was in Coke. Neal, Ireland and Joseph determined the quantity of alcohol in wine. Elizabeth, Ryan and Alise  found out how salty sea water was. Maegan, Dylan, Keiran and Bryson used UV spectroscopy to calculate the amount of iron in a dietary supplement.

After all that experimentation we headed to Melbourne Central and Southern Cross to eat until our bus/train took us back to Echuca.

If you want to know more ask one of the chemists in Year 11 and 12.

Sue Neale and Elaine White