Jack Wilson is  past student of Echuca College, class of 2008. Jack now a tours as a professional golfer and also has a degree in Sports Coaching- Golf.  He is a current scholarship holder at the Victorian Institute of Sport, and has travelled to many different parts of the world playing. Jack was the first trainee professional to win an Australasian Tour event and has played with the world number 1 at the time, Adam Scott, in 2013. 

On the 17th of February, the year 9’s were lucky enough to have Jack Wilson speak to them. Jack talked to us about how important it is to give everything a go. He told us about his experiences of being a pro-golfer, competing with the very best such as Adam Scott. The message he provided was: ‘You don’t have to be the smartest or most popular because hard work pays off in the end, don’t be ashamed of your mistakes because they are part of the journey and we are given many opportunities so take advantage of them while we can!’

Ashleigh Coghlan