Students with irregular and poor attendance often find that their academic achievement and the value they receive from their education are greatly reduced as a result. Sometimes this creates a cycle of disconnectedness leading to more absenteeism and a further lowering of achievement. 

Student absenteeism is not an issue which can be dealt with solely by the College. It requires the support of both parents and the community if it is to be successfully addressed.

Research has shown that once it was the case that students only missed school when they were genuinely ill, but that has changed. Students are being allowed to stay away and are having their opportunities to perform to their potential adversely affected by parent-condoned absences such as-

– a day off for their birthday

– a day off because relatives are visiting

– a day off to be with parents

– a day off to go shopping

– a day off to look after younger children

– a day off to work at a part time job

 A sobering fact is that the average student will lose one year of education (200 days) through parent-condoned absences over their school career from Prep to Year 12.

 We need your support to ensure your son or daughter attends regularly. Absences

  • make it difficult to catch up on missed work,
  • create gaps in a student’s knowledge
  • make it difficult for teachers to monitor student progress and achievement.
  • cause students to lose touch with their friendship group which is closely connected to their wellbeing and social development.

Parents are encouraged to make every effort to get their child to school every day. If there are issues to do with your son/daughter’s attendance that you think we should be aware of please don’t hesitate to contact the College. This information is confidential.

It is only when we see education as a partnership between the College, parents and the community that we will be able to properly address this issue.