Incredible achievements from our Athletics Team at the LMR Athletics this week.  Our results have ensured a number of athletes have qualified for the State Athletics.  

Siobhan Thompson: 1st in javelin

Cooper Arkinstall: 2nd in triple jump

Asher Jones: 1st in 100, 200, 2nd in 400 and  1st in discus

Adam Southwell: 2nd in high jump

Jade Allen: 1st in hurdles

Max Ogilvie: 1st in 800, 1500, 2nd in long jump

Isaac Warren: 1st in 100, 200, 3rd in triple jump

Oscar Reid: 2nd 400m

Charlie Lowe: 1st in 100, 200, 2nd in discus, 4th in 400

Archie Reid: 1st in 3km, 3rd in 1500, 4th in 800

Erik Holt-Crossman: 3rd in 800 and 1500

Sarah Taylor: 4th in 1500

Dan Gretgrix: 3rd In 1500

Boys relay team: 1st