The girls finished 4th out of 7 teams after going down by 4 points in a playoff for 3rd position. The midfield players of Jess Davidson, Amee Hardess & Jeneaka Cooper won numerous possessions, with Rebecca Kennedy hard to beat in defence. Lauren Dawes , Khrystal Keil and Holly Thompson were dangerous up forward and Claudia Wood used her pace to good effect.

Game 1 – Echuca College 2.2.14 were defeated by St Mary’s Nathalia 4.3.27. Goal Kickers – Janeaka Cooper and Amee Hardess.

Game 2 – Echuca College 4.4.28 defeated Rochester SC 2.2.14. Goal Kickers – Jess Davidson 2 & Lauren Dawes 2.

Game 3 – Echuca College 3.1.19 defeated Nathalia SC 2.5.17. Goal Kickers – Lauren Dawes, Jess Davidson & Amee Hardess.

Playoff Game – Echuca College 2.0.12 were defeated by St Augustine’s Kyabram 2.4.16. Goal Kickers – Janeaka Cooper and Lauren Dawes.