In the first week of the school holidays I completed work experience at Aitken Partners, a law firm in the heart of Melbourne. I sat on the 28th floor in a glass office overlooking the city and got to pretend to be a lawyer for a week, it was incredible. I completed a range of office and administration tasks such as filing affidavits, sorting through probates, organising VCAT files and researching supply and distribution agreements for a presentation that one of the solicitors was doing. During my time at Aitken I was lucky enough to experience real life cases in a number of different courts. I spent half a day in the Magistrates Court where I observed a variety of cases including a serious and confronting assault case. One of the solicitors told me about a property dispute she has been working on for years and I got to accompany her to a directions hearing in the County Court. One of the firm’s partners also took me to the Federal Administrative Appeals Tribunal where I was fortunate enough to observe conciliation of a workplace/employment dispute. This experience has confirmed my passion for the law and I will definitely continue to pursue it. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I had to do this and would like to thank Mr Webb for all his help in organising it.       

Georgia Harris