On Monday 13th April 16 students, two parents and Ms Case will head off on the experience of a lifetime; destination Turkey. For most students this will be their first trip overseas, for many their first ride on an aeroplane!

Upon arrival, in Istanbul, we will catch a bus to the Gallipoli Peninsula where we will take time to reflect upon those that gave their lives so that we can have ours today. We will lay a wreath at Lone Pine, stand in the trenches where our ancestors fought, lived and died. We will remember them.

During our stay we will explore ancient and medieval societies, marvel in the architecture of Troy, Ephesus, Haigh Sophia and the Blue Mosque. We will explore the geographical wonder of Cappadocia, visit schools to celebrate the Children’s Festival and experience the culture and hospitality of the Turkish people.

After such a magical journey we will reach the pinnacle of our trip. On April 25th we will stand at dawn, amongst thousands, to watch the sun rise over the Dardanelles and commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Gallipoli landings.