A very balmy autumn day and the boys from both Year 7 and 8 were quite excited about the day of football(soccer) which lay ahead and rightly so, we had trained for a few weeks in preparation. The lads were organized into their positions at the start of the day and were quite enthusiastic in their warm-up.

Despite the best efforts of the boys, we finished third on the day and were always chasing the result after a slow start, going down to St. Marys of the Angels 2 zip but not without some great efforts from keeper Noah Mundy and the whole back four of Hunter Dixon, Will Graham, Lucas McKenner and Freddy McLoughlin.

In our second match the confidence was up early as Jordan Priestly-White ran the left wing and into the 18 yard box to finish precisely with a great toe-bash! Max Childs was controlling both the midfield and scoring goals whilst managing assists as well. Will Hourigan also worked hard in mid with Josh Roberts making some admirable second efforts up front. Ethan Cobden was set up for our third goal but managed to blaze over the top which was a harder option than scoring? Go figure! To make up for that he scored in the second half. Cameron Bauer continued to try hard for his team as did Caleb Portwine who assured the coach he ‘created with two assists!’ Smithy, as is his way, just kept on trying and scored in the second half against St. Augs. The match finished 5 – 1 in a smashing!

There were many moments on the highlight reel against St. Joseph’s, none better than the solo run down the left wing by Max Childs who then made a powerful drive on goal, only to see it narrowly miss, shaving the post. The lads really improved as the day progressed and some of the ‘falls’ were worthy of our Olympic divers but just like a familiar song “they got knocked down but they got up again”.

Congratulations to all the boys for their effort, co-operation and positive attitude across the day.

Thanks also to Kylie for her assistance, Luka Van De Zand and Todd Langbourne for helping out with the lines.

MVP = Max Childs