Wharparilla won the 2018 Echuca College Swimming Sports.  Our students enjoyed a beautiful day at the Echuca War Memorial pool with lots of fun and some very competitive swimming.  Lara Judd’s performance on the day was exceptional, Lara participated in nine individual events and broke nine records.

Our winning house for the day was Wharparilla with 560 points, after a strong comeback in the relays Perricoota finished second with 545 points, Moira was third with 357 points and Kanyapella finished in fourth place with 316 points.

Our Echuca College Spirit Award was judged on a combination of things including attendance, number of tokens handed out for behaviour displaying the Echuca College Values, best dressed house, best dancers and participation in the games outside.  Perricoota dominated this award with 205 points, Kanyapella was second with 129, closely behind them was Wharparilla with 128 points and finishing in fourth was Moira with 103 points.   We encourage all students to attend the swimming sports to support their houses and peers.  The winning house for the Spirit Award gets a free lunch of their choice at the end of term 1.

Records broken were;

F 20Yr 100m Freestyle – Lara Judd 1:06.72 (Old record Lara Judd 2016 1:07.32)

F 20Yr 100m Butterfly – Lara Judd 1:11.13 (Old record Isabella Reid 2011 1:16.72)

F 20Yr 100m Breaststroke – Lara Judd 1:22.13 (Old record Lara Judd 2017 1:23.97)

F 20Yr 100m Backstroke – Lara Judd 1:15.94 (Old record Lara Judd 20171:17.34)

F 16Yr 50m Freestyle – Lara Judd 28.31 (Old record Jordana Pellegrino 2007 29.53)

F 16Yr 50 Butterfly – Lara Judd 30.19 (Old record Ellia Pellegrino 2007 33.11)

F 16Yr 50m Breaststroke – Lara Judd 37.41 (Old record Lyndall Taylor 2015 41.59)

F 16Yr 50m Backstroke – Lara Judd 33.50 (Old record Tessa Mellington 2012 35.49)

Fastest Girl 50m Freestyle – Lara Judd 29.63 (Old record Lyndall Taylor 2015 30.89)

M 14Yr 50m Breaststroke – Aaron Fleischer 37.00 (Old record Brock Norwood 2007 38.76)

M 15Yr 50m Breaststroke – Zachary Ross 39.10 (Old record Oscar Reid 2013 39.23)

M 15Yr 50m Backstroke – Zachary Ross 33.50 (Old record Dillon Freeman 201634.38)


Age Group Swimming Champions;

13 Yr Female Champion – Raya Gallimore

13 Yr Male Champion – William Graham

14 Yr Female Champion – Emilia Reid

14 Yr Male Champion – Aaron Fleischer

15 Yr Female Champion – Lily Hindson

15 Yr Male Champion – Zachary Ross

16 Yr Female Champion – Lara Judd

16 Yr Male Champion – Mason Coote

17 Yr Female Champion – Natalie Sands

17 Yr Male Champion – Jack Steele

20 Yr Female Champion – Brittany Sands

20 Yr Male Champion – Tom Harris