Echuca College celebrated 2013 with an amazing finish to our year. Our awards night celebrated many of the fantastic achievements of our students and was well attended by parents, families and friends.

Echuca College was very proud to announce our Dux for 2013 who achieved an outstanding ATAR of 98.6. Amelia Down and Thomas McCluskey also received Outstanding Academic Excellence awards for their fantastic VCE results.   Gemma Lodi had a sensational evening receiving the Caltex All Rounder award, the Studio Art and Visual Communication and Design Academic Excellence awards and the VCE Art Exhibition Award.

Our Sports Stars for 2013 were announced and our Junior winners were Oscar Reid and Jessica Davidson, our Senior winners were Erik Holt-Crossman and Tessa Mellington. Jessie Hardess received the School Sport Victoria – Academic and Sporting Award.

Outstanding Academic Excellence Awards

Yr 7 – Reece Campbell , Tyler Batchelor, Samatha Mason, Tom Harris, Caleb Upton, Sarah Taylor, Jessica Muir, Jessica Davidson, Annie Sampson

Yr 8 – Kelly Gould, Ireland Hayes, Benjamin Hercott, Georgia McKellar, Alise Riley, Yvonne Southern, Rebecca Toll, Jakob Ayres, Luke Judd, Oscar Reid, Erica Austria

Yr 9 – Courtney Johnson, Maegan Johnson, Emily Holmes, Bethany Young, Sarah Kaddissi, Tarika Oosthuizen, Emma Favaloro, Emily Davis, Lachlan Arkinstall, Jason Hanson, Sarah Hercott, Cody Spiers, Timothy Denson, Eliza Ough, Andrea San Diego

Yr 10 – Holly McCoomb, Tiffany Chong, Jordyn Coutts, Marley Jones, Gemma Toll, Sienna Kelly, Amy Wright

Yr 11 – Bianca Anderson, Tessa Mellington, Jesse Munzel, Greta Pearson, Madeleine Clark-Grundy, Kayla Arkinstall, Hayley Barnard, Ashley Hipwell, Jencie Lawford, Alana Long, Joshua McKenzie, Shannon Savage, Bryce Robertson

The audience also enjoyed speeches by Kayla Arkinstall on her time at Echcua College, Jaklyn Crilly- Dux 2012, she spoke about her year at University. Tessa Mellington and Greta Pearson spoke about their time in Cambodia. Drew Walker and Tellekah McDonald provided excellent vocal performances on the night.

Other awards included;

Kwong Lee Dow Melbourne Univerity Young Scholars – Mark Bolitho and Amy Wright

Ron Davidson Memorial Scholarship – Holly McCoomb and Hayden Favaloro 

The Holland Foundation Scholarship – Caley McGillvray

Libby White Memorial Award – Ryan Rudeforth

VCE Art Exhibition Award – Gemma Lodi

Mavis Cunningham Rothfels Scholarship – Tenaya Williams

Rich River Rod and Custom Club Award – Bryce Robertson

Harley Davidson Award – Luke Polomka

Epicentre Community Values Award – Joel Shillinglaw and Emma Favaloro

Long Tan (Australian Defence Force)- Abbey Dobson and Cara Wayland

Chaplaincy Awards – Emily Davis and Tess Pearson

The program is available for downloading by clicking here.