The Yr 11 Agriculture and Horticulture class completed the Cows Create Careers project run by Dairy Australia.  The competition operates throughout Victoria, with monetary prizes for the winning entries.  Echuca College has won the event every year since 2007 and are hopeful of gaining a place this year.  The students need to raise 2 calves on the school property for 3 weeks.  They take care of feeding, hygiene and health checks.  The students enjoy working with the calves and develop an understanding of how demanding calf rearing can be.  As part of their studies students research calf rearing, produce a scientific report and create a 3D model depicting one area of the dairy industry.  An advocate from Dairy Australia comes and speaks with the students about dairy careers and students are given the opportunity of work experience in this area.  This years class has worked very well on the project, completing a comprehensive report and a well constructed model, they also handled the calves well and returned them to the dairy farm in excellent health.