Communication with our community is important in developing strong relationships between the College and families and the College and surrounding communities. We are also conscious of the need for our communications to be clear and up-to-date. The College now offers a variety of communication tools to deliver information traditionally found in our newsletter or ‘notes’ being sent home. The College website has information and links to our Facebook page, Xuno (student and parent communication tool) and the Echuca College App. The College App is updated each time a new item of importance occurs at the College.  This approach will allow us to provide prompt information about coming events, student achievements and teaching and learning developments that impact on our students.  Xuno has replaced the ‘Parent Dashboard’ and is our main link to students and parents for attendance, curriculum, assessment and reporting.  All parents have been given instructions as how to access Xuno but if you need further support please don’t hesitate to contact the College. In additional to these communication tools, the College now has a Facebook page. Again this allows us to update information and provides another link with our community.   Of course where the personalised approach is needed the phone or appointments are still important avenues of communication at Echuca College. The College would appreciate any feedback on the introduction of these communication tools.