The craze of producing slime has caused a lot of concern amongst the general public. It has been given bad press around the country. There have been health warnings on the ABC website and a website for parents with young children.

Year 11 Chemistry students decided to investigate the production of Slime using poly vinyl alcohol and borax as the basis for their practical investigation. Using the scientific method, they were asked to alter 1 variable in the recipe and see the impact this change had on the Slime produced. Using the students’ chemical knowledge a hypothesis was generated on how students thought the change in conditions would affect the chemical bonding within the substance and the properties displayed by the Slime.

The photographic results display the skills required when producing this substance in the laboratory.

Students were asked to qualitative and quantitatively assess the products.

If you want to know the slimy secret to success you will need to enrol in Year 11 Chemistry in 2018.