The day was organised to introduce the students to La Trobe University Bendigo Campus. Providing an understanding on how the University Community operates through an interactive activity “Race Around La Trobe”. Students participated in a variety of interactive workshops from Faculties and Schools. Career Chats with La Trobe Indigenous and Non- Indigenous Students. Future Students session on University offerings providing students with an understanding of career choices and how to enroll into University. 

There was time at the end of the day to be organised into student school groups to help assist students in filling out their Career Action Plans for MIPS and a debriefing about the day. 

We went to the La Trobe Indigenous Experience Day, we started with a race around the Uni and then we broke into workshops that interested us, I went to graphic art. We then had pizza for lunch in the residents restaurant.  We got to see the whole facilities and it’s fair to say, I will definitely be attending university! Loki Duus.