Twenty students from Year 9 and 10 had a great time at Falls Creek recently, cross-country and downhill skiing. Boort Secondary College shared the experience with our students, with students from the two schools working well together in skiing groups at Falls Creek and work groups at the Bogong Outdoor School. With many students having not seen snow before the first day of cross-country skiing was a thrill with  snowball fights high on the agenda! Day two and three were spent on the downhill slopes with mousetrap, wombat’s ramble and highway 83 the most popular runs. A lesson from a ski instructor from Cairns was a bit weird – do they have snow in Cairns?, but she had everyone snow ploughing in no time. The Outdoor School program is all about sustainable living actions with the students learning about the alpine region and what everyone can do to preserve our environment. Interacting with pigmy possums and frill necked lizards was another highlight of our stay at Bogong, as was the action packed pool games. Hopefully families have noticed their children having shorter showers, packing nude lunchboxes and turning off lights around their homes! Students who attended were Kimberley Masterton, Jess Gould, Bella Talbot, Jemma Mills, Kiara Dean, Holly Coutts, Bec Richardson, Jess Ireland, Shaylah Lummis, Matt Meager, Ryan Newnham, Kyal Accurso, Jordan Dalziel, Justin Fleischer, Matt Hilet, Kade Faulkner, Mitch Lake, Archie Reid, Nic Lambrecht and Asher Jones.

Staff – David Pearson & Zoe Dannatt.