Congratulations to all students for participating in a great Athletics Day.   Overall winners for the day were Wharparila with 986 points, second were Kanyapella with 948 points, third Moira with 908 points and finally Perricoota with 483 points.

Congratulations must also go to Isaac Warren the fastest boy  and Jade Allen the fasest girl for Echuca College.

It was fantastic to see the Echuca Special School join in the Athletics day and to see so many of their students participating in a variety of events. Thanks to all the “Buddies” that made this possible.

 Age Group Champions;

13 Yr Female    Annie Sampson                              13 Yr Male        Asher Jones

14 Yr Female    Jade Allen                                       14 Yr Male        Isaac Warren

15 Yr Female    Olivia Connelly                               15 Yr Male        Aron Pavone

16 Yr Female    Isabella Reid                                   16 Yr Male        Charles Lowe

17 Yr Female    Tracey Ogden                                 17 Yr Male        Regan More and Hayden Wentworth

20 Yr Female    Eleanor Denson                             20 Yr Male        Jayden Twigg