Echuca College is committed to working with students and their parents in promoting the safe and responsible use of internet-connected devices, along with a healthy balance between online and offline activities.

Over the past few weeks, we have been sharing videos from the series Adolescents on Social media: A Guide for Parents presented by youth worker and cyber safety advocate Jamie Roberts. The final video will address the issue and use of Snapchat.

For now, Snapchat is here to stay as it grows in popularity with young people despite concerns around the ability to screenshot photos that senders may believe will disappear after a few seconds. Internet safety consultant Jamie Roberts has teamed up with a small group of Snapchat using teenagers to produce this short video that covers how Snapchat is used, how it’s evolved, and what users can do to protect privacy and security.

Access the video by either clicking, or copying and pasting the following link into your internet browser address bar: